Reviewer: Dr. Thomas Wolfram, Ph D., San Clemente, CA

This epic first novel is a wonderful combination of romance, history, and cultural contrasts. Its style flows with poetic ease yet speaks with historical authority.

Fleur Caldwell, young, headstrong, and from a Virginia plantation is, through mishap, cast into the desert world of Omar Khalifa, a noble Tuareg chief. A budding relationship between them is interrupted by a romantic competitor, Roger Gregoire, a French spy against the slave trade. In the adventures of these three we are spoon-fed bits of history about the slave trade, the abolition movement, and France’s invasion of Algiers.

This novel will delight a broad spectrum of readers: historians, adventure-lovers and hardcore romantics; it has the spirit, intellectual depth, and cinematic scope of “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Get this book, put it on your nightstand, but don’t expect to get much sleep.

Fellow of American Physical Society; Former Chairman, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, U. of Missouri-Columbia; Author of novels, "The Venture", and "The Dragon Tamers"; Author of "Electronic & Optical Properties of d-Band Perovskites," Cambridge U. Press; over 80 scientific papers published.

  Camellia, the Long and Short of It

            Captivating!  Enchanting:  5/5


Reviewer: Kimberly, for Coffee Time Romance - Rating: "4 cups"

Fleur Caldwell is unaware of the plans her uncle has for her (but they) are foiled when (she) overhears (them) and escapes. She is shipwrecked, kidnapped and stranded in the (Sahara) until she is rescued from certain death….

The thought and care that Mr. DiGuido has put into this novel is incredible. History has collided with fiction to form this terrific book.

Reviewer: Carol Hoyt Ph.D., for ReaderViews

           The Tuareg...a dynamic book from page one until the end!

Reviewer: Nancy Rosenfeld, literary agent

I have just completed a cover-to-cover read of THE TUAREG and could not put it down. A rare compliment from this Agent! It ….. shines from meticulous research and exquisite writing. Bravo, George! Anyone looking for an excellent read for an upcoming vacation, or a special gift, this is it!

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