In Marrakech, Morocco, 2001.

Brooklyn-born George DiGuido, a history buff, attributes his interest in and love of Saharan culture to his WWII service in Morocco and West Africa. Prior to that the only sand he saw was the beach at Coney Island. Subsequent treks to Morocco and Tunisia strengthened his love of things African and inspired the writing of THE TUAREG.

Postwar, DiGuido enjoyed a long and successful career in New York, Detroit, and Chicago advertising agencies. His expertise as an Art Director for print and television advertising on Chevrolet, Butterball Turkey, Coca-Cola, and Chrysler Motors, charges his novel’s every scene with a highly cinematic quality.

The author lives in a Chicago suburb with his wife, two adopted daughters from Poland, and his overly-affectionate Wheaten terrier, Kelly.

Other books by George DiGuido: 791 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn (growing up in Brooklyn before World War II), The Duration Plus Six (three years in North Africa and Italy during WWII) and Commandment Eleven (eight essays on theological themes). These are all available through Xlibris or Amazon.

Tureg cross from Bilma, Niger

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